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As the naming sponsor Bridgestone has held this event for the last 4 years. Starting out as the Fundi challenge and progressing to the Bridgestone Club Challenge. Guthrie Blaine is now the man in charge of the series and looks after the competitors and the events year on year.

The Bridgestone Group’s mission is based on the words of its founder: “Serving Society with Superior Quality.” To fulfill this mission, Bridgestone Group has used the concept of “foundation” to demonstrate the sustained commitment of employees to provide its customers with world class products and services and to serve the communities where Bridgestone does business. “The Bridgestone Essence” is composed of the words, integrated corporate culture and our diversity that today’s company has inherited and a shared sense of values that can be embraced by Bridgestone employees around the world.

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Opposite Lock Africa

a Major co-sponsor to the  Bridgestone 4×4 Club Challenge, Opposite lock has been involved with this event for the last 2 years and heading into the third year. As one of South Africa’s leading 4×4 fitment and lifestyle brands. OppositeLock allways has some juicy prized up fro grabs. Most notionally its world class leading suspension brand Tough Dog.

Established over 35 years ago, Opposite Lock is originally an Australian wide chain of 4WD specialist accessory stores owned and operated by genuine 4WD enthusiasts. Opposite Lock in Africa; offers the same comprehensive range of premium accessories and equipment to suite all popular 4x4s. Whatever you drive, wherever you want to go, Opposite Lock has a range of the best 4×4 gear that you can select from to improve your vehicle’s practicality, off-road performance and appearance to make your vehicle more capable, comfortable and enjoyable to tow, camp and tour!

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Front Runner

Front Runner first entered as a co-sponsor to the Bridgestone 4×4 Club challenge in 2016.

Legend has it that Front Runner was conceived between a 1988 Land Cruiser 70 and a 1992 Mercedes G-Wagon in Botswana, around a campfire, near a majestic Baobab, amongst elephant tracks, by a handful of friends from South Africa with backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing and off-road racing.

With the grueling African bush as a testing ground, Front Runner focuses on a tough love approach to developing products. With both feet facing the future and little sentimentally for mediocre ideas of the past – common approaches to off-road vehicle product design were quickly jettisoned in favour of innovation, new materials, and superior manufacturing practices.

Today their products have a well-deserved reputation for quality, intelligent design, durability and range. Front Runner’s roof racks, water tanks, tents, awnings, drawer systems and camping accessories are enjoyed, used and abused around the world.



SnoMaster is a leading supplier and manufacturer of coolers, fridges and freezers. We offer two ranges i.e. 220v for the indoor, commercial and retail sector and 12v/220v for the leisure and outdoor market. We offer a wide range of 220v products including wine chillers, beverage coolers, ice makers and water dispensers for both the domestic and retail market. For outdoor, camping and 4×4 enthusiasts we offer high quality 12v/220v and gas fridges and freezers. Our portable coolers are robust and suited to any outdoor adventure. Quality is affordable. “ICE COLD ANYWHERE!!!”


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Not all insurance is created equal!

The founding partners of Cross Country Insurance Consultants realised this, and in 1999 they set about developing a niche insurance product designed specifically for the growing 4×4 community.

However, from the very start the Cross Country offering has bee more than just vehicle insurance.

What has been engineered is a range of innovative insurance and support products designed for the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by many South Africans.

Cross Country is a name that has very quickly become synonymous with the 4×4 outdoor lifestyle.

This is largely due to the ongoing and loyal support from our brokers and clients who share our passion.


InterVOLT – Distributed by Opposite Lock Africa:

Since 1989, Amelec Australia has been a major importer and distributor of specialised electrical and electronic equipment for the marine and automotive industries.

InterVolt distributed by Opposite Lock South Africa:

In the year 2000, we recognized the need for high quality, marine grade, voltage converters to service the 24V – 12V DC power conversion market. Unable to source a suitable product from Australia or overseas, we embarked on an ambitious project to develop and produce our own range for the commercial marine market.

Our first interVOLT product, the Maxi SVC Series was born and introduced to the market in May 2001.

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