Rules 2017

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Bridgestone Adventure Series Mechanics

The Bridgestone 4×4 Club Challenge is about  the family 4×4 enthusiasts displaying various driving skills in standard production vehicles.

If the rules don’t stipulate that any other modification can be done, consider it to be unacceptable.

Description of a standard vehicle;

This competition is based on a standard production vehicle with the following requirements:

  • Is in the original shape as on the showroom floor with limited modifications done as per regulations and rules set out in this document.
  • Must be registered, display a license and be road legal to go on South Africa’s public roads.
  • The vehicle must be equipped with low range gearing and four wheel drive.
  • Must have OEM supplied engine, fuel system, transmission, differentials and drive trains
  • Safety belts for all occupants of the vehicle

Standard Rules and regulations

Tyres  and Bakes

  • The overall tyre diameter may not exceed 840mm (33”) on any vehicle as this will remain the largest overall diameter allowed to compete in the challenges.
  • Disk brake conversions acceptable ( Safety aspect – Drum to Disk)

Engine modifications

  • No engines changes will be permitted other than the original equipment from the factory. Any alternative engine even if manufactured by the same manufacturer will not be allowed. (Example 1.4 to 1.8 )
  • Approved engine enhancement systems is acceptable (chips or diagnostics)

Suspension Modification

  • No suspension type changes from original vehicle purchased (solid axle to independent suspension or vice versa).
  • Standard lift kits or aftermarket suspensions are permitted.
  • No Modifications will be accepted to suspension connecting parts (sway bars, radial arms, and sway bar links)
  • Maximum of 60mm suspension lift is permitted

Gearbox changes

  • No changes whatsoever is allowed to the gearbox or transfer case.
  • No crawler transfer cases are permitted unless supplied as original equipment by the vehicle manufacturer. ( example Jeep Wrangler )

Body Modification

  • No do it yourself body cut modifications to body parts and bumpers are permitted. Only recognized and accredited 4×4 equipment allowed on the vehicle.

Point scoring system

A negative point scoring approach is used with every obstacle counting out of 100 points. The

minimum score per obstacle will be zero.

Every obstacle will have an information sheet describing what is expected of the team which lists in detail all the possible point deductions.

Participants will only have two opportunities to complete a obstacle at marshals discretion, the second attempt will induce a penalty (see next slide).

ØPlease note that all obstacles are not timed events – The Marshal stationed at the obstacle will inform the driver and co driver  of the total time permitted to recce the obstacle. The actual driving of the obstacle will not be timed!

Driver / navigator

The driver and vehicle that qualify at the qualification rounds, are to remain as a team through out the series. Navigator can be changed through the year without penalties

The navigator  or any occupants may be requested as per the instructions sheet or by the marshal to remain or exit the vehicle during any of the driving stages.

Point scoring system

Point scoring system for the Bridgestone Adventure Series, general deductions include the following and may be used selectively as per each obstacle’s information sheet;

  • Stopping in an obstacle -5 points
  • Roll back -5 points
  • Touching banner tape -25 points
  • Touching each pole -25 points
  • Missing a gate -25 points
  • 2nd attempt -50   points
  • Interfering with obstacle markers -100 points
  • Interfering with marshal’s duties -100 points
  • Refusing to comply to marshal orders -100 points
  • Driving without safety belts & incorrect window heights 100 points

Accepted accessories

The following accessories are allowed;

  • Accredited aftermarket replacement bumpers front and rear
  • Snorkel
  • Roll bar
  • Winch
  • Skid plate
  • Sidesteps or rock sliders
  • Canopies
  • Roof racks
  • Shocks
  • Exhausts
  • Spotlights
  • Brake upgrade.( Drum to disk – Safety aspect )


Bridgestone will have an independent scrutineer to check that minimun requirements are met.

The following items will be checked by the Bridgestone scrutineer during each 4×4 Club Challenge for 2017.

  • Medical kit
  • Recovery kit
  • Front and rear recovery points ( tie down points )
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 1lt of water for every occupant
  • Valid License disk on the vehicle
  • Valid National driver’s license
  • Operational seat belts
  • Clubs uniforms/ clothing/ colours are a requirement during club events and finals.
  • Vehicle decals
  • Engine compartment components must all be in a satisfactory working condition and not loose or leaking;



c)Radiator/ water leaks

d)Oil leaks


  • Standard vehicle requirements will be checked in the qualifying rounds, which include vehicle heights, tyre sizes, suspension, engine, gearbox and body modifications.


All participants must sign an indemnity document provided by Bridgestone .

! All guests to be controlled by Bridgestone with regard to the indemnities.

  • A team consists of two people, one driver and one navigator/ co driver.
  • Family  members are allowed .
  • Individual teams have to qualify for the series at the boot camp qualifying round to be hosted by Bridgestone  in  the month of February and  March . You may enter more then once
  • The top drivers per class per event will proceed to elimination events. ( Based on % of SWB and LWB entries on day) Guaranteed  of ten entries per event to proceed to elimination rounds.
  • All teams entering the competition are automatically legible to qualify for the series based on performance.
  • The main competition prizes are awarded on the team’s collective points during the Series to be held in November 2017.
  • The series events will only be open to the teams that have qualified at boot camp, and progressed through to the next round of each  competition.


Kindly note that normal road going insurance does not cover competitions.

! Please clear your participation with your insurance company upfront.

Bridgestone Safety

  • No alcohol will be permitted the evening before and or during any Bridgestone Adventure series event.
  • Random breathalyzer tests will be conducted at each and every event.
  • Bridgestone have the right to deny participants entry if ANY level of alcohol is found.

Vehicle Safety

  • All window heights in the vehicles to be no more than ¼ of the way down except near water.
  • The number of competitors in a vehicle is limited by the available working seatbelts.
  • A minimum of a 3 Point Primary Restraint Systems/ safety belts to be worn by all occupants at all times and during all stages and obstacles, except near water.
  • No occupants will be allowed in vehicles without a solid roof/ frame (Standard production vehicles) unless with a FACTORY fitted roll cage, soft tops must be in place before start and duration of the event. No netted door options may be used.
  • According to club policy no children under the age of 12 and or 36kg will be permitted in the front seat where SRS systems are available. In the finals the minimum age requirement for the co driver is 16 years old and the driver needs a valid South African drivers license.

! With reference to above, Marshals will be instructed to remove all competitors except the driver if an obstacle is deemed as dangerous.

Marshal Unit

Rules and Guidelines

The marshals to be used on the series will be organized by the Bridgestone event organizing team.

However Bridgestone have nominated a marshal unit and will be the same unit used throughout the 2017 4×4 club challenge, they will be in control of the event and are impartial to all that attend.

Authority of the Marshal

All participants are guests at the marshal points and will be under the control of the specific marshal on duty. The Marshal will therefore instruct any team when to proceed and score their actions. The Marshal may stop any team, at any stage for safety reasons by means of blowing on a whistle, this means STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Marshals may not disqualify any member immediately without contacting the Clark of course and  Bridgestone organizer. The member to complete the obstacle, receive point, but will only be allocated upon final investigation in form of writing from competitor and marshal


  • The Marshal may request any person to leave his marshaling area due to interference’s or safety concerns.
  • Safety area will be clearly marked and controlled by means of a banner tape setup up by the organizers.


Recoveries will be at the risk of the vehicle owner, the vehicle owner is responsible for his own recoveries needed throughout the 4×4 Club Adventure Series. The Marshal may offer assistance or request assistance from another team, depending on the degree of recovery required .

! Please note that some recoveries will only take place once the event has been completed.

Protests in the final

  • Any team can protest, at a cost of R 1,000.00 cash, as long as the protest procedure is followed in a civilized manner as per the protest form.
  • No verbal protest will be entertained.
  • Protests are made in writing to the “Clerk of the course”.
  • Protest will only be heard once the last participant has completed the track.
  • A time limit of 30 minutes will be given after the last participant has finished to have submitted the written protest.

Sponsorship Rules


Sponsors will encompass those companies or other entities offering materials, products or services of specific interest to attendees as determined by Bridgestone at its sole discretion.

Bridgestone also reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company specific marketing campaign before distribution. Only the club name and sponsorships that appear on this document may be placed in print and pre-outlined sponsorship recognition opportunities.

1. No sponsorships may be organized by the club participating in the Bridgestone 4×4 Club Challenge Series

2. No conflicting sponsors to participate or attend these events without clearance from Bridgestone.

3. No signage conflicting with sponsors and co sponsors will be permitted at these events.


 The Competitors shall not during the Bridgestone 4×4 Club challenge Series :

1. Grant the sponsors rights (or any rights similar to the sponsors rights) to any third party whatsoever.

2. Grant to any third party the right to describe itself as a any type of sponsor of the event.

3. Grant to any party the right to use the designation; and/or

4. Appoint any third party that manufactures products in competition to the sponsors product to be a sponsor or a official tyre supplier of the event.

5. All vehicles competing in the event shall bear the sponsors branding on, but not limited , to the following positions;

The rear part of the vehicle (please check decal section for size limit)


This event is presented with a safety first approach which is sensitive towards man, machine and the environment we operate in.

This is not a vehicle breaking challenge, thus an element of fun will be part of it, whilst we measure different driving disciplines.

The principle judgments, rulings and decisions are final and no verbal or written correspondence will be entered into after an event.

The Event Organizer on behalf of Bridgestone SA

Guthrie Blaine| Brand Specialist
Cnr. Isando & Quality Roads, Isando, 1609
PO BOX 515, Isando, 1600
Switchboard: +27 11 923 7500
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