4×4 Club Challenge sponsored by Bridgestone

 4×4 Club Challenge 2017

The 4×4 club challenge sponsored by Bridgestone is a 4×4 driving based challenge for all production based vehicles. The 4×4 club challenge invites all 4×4 enthusiasts to participate in the 2017 events. We have developed this website in guidance of the sponsors for the fans of the series. This year promises to be the biggest year as it is the 10th year of the series. The 4×4 Club Challenge is the ultimate production car based 4×4 challenge to test driver and machine skills. During the 2017 season the event will change to a life style based event, thus meaning longer trails with a minimum of 10 obstacles built into the trail.

So you can enjoy a +- 30km trail and then face 10 competition based obstacles during the trail.

Have you got what it takes to compete ?

Challenge Format

The 4×4 club challenge sponsored by Bridgestone 2017 will host 4 qualifying events to be held at Wolwekloof 4×4 near Rayton,  and then 4 elimination events with the finals being held on the 25th of November. During the qualifying rounds the top 10 competitors of the day will qualify to the final 4 rounds. The top 10 is based on a % of the vehicle classes entered between Long Wheel Base and Short Wheel Base.

During the trail drivers will experience 10 obstacles, each obstacle is designed to test a drivers and co-drivers 4×4 skills and their vehicle. No obstacle will be a vehicle breaker. Choosing the correct line to avoid those nasty point eating poles and knowing your vehicle and communication between the driver and navigator will be tested.

In the 2017 season will once again see the introduction of a 75 point and 100 point lines, this means you can go for the easier 75 points or go for broke and aim for the 100 points on offer.

Are you a 4×4 Champion?

By now you think you can 4×4. Competitors whom compete in the 4×4 Club Challenge qualifying rounds stand a chance to go trough to the elimination rounds. Here a select few will be eliminated after each round, consistency is the key throughout the whole year. Consistency is the key to be crowned the 2017 10th year anniversary  champion.

4×4 Club Family

The 4×4 Club challenge brings together all major 4×4 clubs and their members to compete in a friendly environment. If you are not a club member, join a participating club, or come drive as a private individual. This year being the 10th year will be special to the series sponsors Bridgestone and co sponsors.

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